We are breeders of quality harness trained  companion African Grey Parrots and Macaws Parrots . Our babies are well socialized and raised in our home as part of our family. We Freight USA and Canada wide

Gina African Grey Parrots is a family owned and operated aviary complex located in a rural setting 15 minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast in Ocean City, MD. The aviary complex is established on 10 acres of land which is dotted with fruits trees, golden cane palms and of course aviaries.

The natural setting and peaceful surrounds are ideal for the species of birds we keep and breed. Home to a variety or rare and exotic parrots including Double Yellow-headed, Blue-fronted and Yellow-crowned Amazons, Black-headed Caiques, African Grey Parrots, Hahn's Macaws, Blue & Gold Macaws and Sun, Green-cheeked and Blue-throated Conures, Gina African Grey Parrots specializes in producing well-socialized parrots for pets or breeding stock.

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